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Take a look at our amazing new products & Services  in development. Cambridge International is always creating the next business venture Idea.

Creative thinking combine with the passion for our work and the understanding of emerging technologies keep us at the forefront in the industries we are engaged in.

We, like our mentor Mr. Steve Jobs, we believe in thinking differently!

We Keep It Simple, with several businesses in operation and others in development One would think, this is complicated. We keep it simple

Cambridge has Planned to launch TWO National and International Franchise Opportunities; One will be The Swan Catering, serving the most exquisite and authentic cuisines from around the world.

The other will be The One Source in Residential Service Industry offering 12 of the most needed services in any residence.

Thinking about lean management, maximizing business.













We believed then and believe now that the achievements of our organization depended on the development of a company culture that would be all about collaboration with bright and talented people. They are the reason of what we are and not the promoters of who we are.

Our Business is converting ideas into profitable businesses and along the way helping to develop world communities,  Everything we do is Engineered to amaze our partners  and clients. Boy do we have a product for you!
Discover a world of Business Possibilities for today’s connected world with Cambridge International.

Cambridge International Group, Inc. empowers people of all walks of life providing Nationally and Internationally diversified Business Opportunities for the  entrepreneurial inspired individual to help to enrich the community where they live and work; we offer National & International Franchise Opportunities that we believe it is of real benefit and  interest for everyone.

Find out about Franchise Opportunities from Cambridge International. Open a Franchise Today! You Can Choose Your Next business Right Here. Having said that, we believe that no one can become rich without enriching others, and anyone who adds to prosperity must prosper in turn.

We are a company whose culture is built on TRANSPARENCY and COLLABORATION as we work together to transform our industries into a consumer-focused market place. Join us, become a franchise owner, or join us, as one of our TALENTED employees whose brain, voice experience and work can make a difference to our organization.







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